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Assalamualaikum and greetings!

WOW, my last update was in August 2019! Life was so hectic for me since 2019 because I was in my final semester to finish my studies. Alhamdulillah, I managed to complete my studies in January 2020. I successfully finished my final semester with flying colour results. Fast forward, I managed to secure a job as a Civil Engineer at a sub-contractor company. 

At first, I find it was quite challenging for me to be in the construction site for the whole day. I was and still worried about my own safety and even thinking to buy myself a pepper spray. They said to not trust anyone 100% onsite. No matter if they are construction workers or the staff. I hope you know what I mean, working around men all the time. Sometimes, I need to be onsite until night. This challenging working environment is seriously mentally drained. If I am not used to working this hard, I would quit my job after a week started working.

But lucky for me, I found myself a very kind and helpful boss and senior where I am not afraid to ask questions and to make a mistake. FYI, I made a lot of mistakes but they said that everything will be fine since I am still learning. Alhamdulillah.

Other than that, I still managed to keep drawing since drawing is still and will always be my hobby. Hoping that I can find some times to post my artworks here. Actually, writing in this blog is not for popularity or anything, but for myself. It is a diary where everyone can read. The posts in this blog were my past memories, good or bad. 

I seriously hope that I can still be committed to this blog in the future. Post more with helpful content for engineering students. For me, I love to have someone who is willing to share with the students since the students need to be more exposed to the industries and to help them to choose their course for further their studies or to choose a career path. So, those who want to ask me questions. I am more willing to help you by sending me an email or contact me through my social media accounts. My nosiness might be helping someone to choose their path wisely.

See ya!


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