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person using laptop computer beside aloe vera Assalamualaikum and welcome to Jellove!

The reason why I still blogging after all these years is that reading people's stories and blog posts sometimes can make me knowledgeable.  There are so many interesting and heartfelt stories from you guys. When I was preparing to be in the university, I find information through the blog. Any tips and tricks also I can found by reading from the blog and even when I am going for a travel, I choose to find info from the blog. It is because there are so many people like to share their experiences through the blog and it is helping me a lot. Most of the writers that I found here are mature, thoughtful and kind. I also love to share my experiences and my stories here so that maybe one day, someone will find it beneficial and informative.

I don't really have enough time to randomly blog walking anymore. We will not exchange links, but if you want to share my blog into your Blogspot, why not? I want to make this segment as easy as possible for both parties. The terms and conditions are:
  1. Must have a Blogspot/WordPress/etc account
  2. The blog must be updated regularly
  3. Can be either written in English or Malay or both
  4. The blog must not mainly for business purposes only
  5. Not using any offensive words/pictures
  6. Not a blog for tutorial/DIY/etc

I think it is enough for now. So guys, what are you waiting for? please help me to spread the news and don't forget to drop your link in the comment section below. Help me so that I can go blogwalking 😇
Don't forget to tell the others to drop their link here.
-Nana 🙋

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