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I Want a Short Escape From The Reality

Assalamualaikum and hey guys!

I am living well here, trying to cope with my life, completing tasks as a full time student along with all the events that I'm involved. Sometimes, I don't know why I always trying so hard to push my limits and do something that I am not familiar with. Yes, sometimes I do so many things in one time that I may collapse due to overwork. But, alhamdulillah so far I am not collapsing due to overwork. I just get fever and cold after it ends. I am so used to do hard work and whenever I get to do something so easy I feels like I am lazy and doing my work half heart which something that I really hate. Gosh! something is wrong with me.

I choose to do so many things in one time, but I always feel discourage half way and feeling like want to be someone who is irresponsible and to give up and to stop doing that. I have choices to make but I still choose the hard way. Why can't I just take an easy way, trust others, and not trying to do everything by myself? 

Studying itself becoming more more and more challenging this semester. I meet subjects that I am not good at and I feel so frustrated. I feel so stupid when I am trying to learn that. I feels like crying but my tears seem to dry out. But, I can do it.. I can do it.. I can do it.. Because I will..

Lately, I read in social media that people mocking that studying is not that hard like a working life. So, why so many student trying to suicide? For those who don't know, yes.. you think that working life is harder than studying. So do studying, it have its own pressure that no one can see. Only the student can feel it. The pressure to achieve success, to not destroying parent's expectations, to not failing, and so on. Yup.. Doesn't mean you can't see it, the pressure is not exist. For me, those who said that only see from their points of view and not to see far enough to be open minded. But, I still love studying.

Well, It must be nice to stop and go to a vacation for awhile to go and see the nature and to clear my mind. Yes, a vacation to heal myself, obviously not a vacation that spend to much money on shopping. Hahaha! It must be feel so great! Go to hike in the mountain (although I am not athletic), go to the beach and just sit to heal myself.

p/s I'm not saying that working life is easier than studying.. I've been working also and it have its own pressure.. but I disagree with people who are saying that studying is nothing compare to working, and I know that working is harder.. But, I disagree with people who condemn the student.. Everyone have their own struggles and we should be respect that :)

see ya!

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Assalamualaikum and welcome to Jellove!

Finally, it happens for real and no more talk. My partners and I have decided to open a small business for flower bouquet and polaroid. Our small company named _lebouquet (Instagram). So, what do we provide? We provide a bouquet of flower with chocolate and polaroid. For starter, we use the fake flower.

Set A 
🔅Provide: - 1pcs polaroid - Ferrero Rocher
🔅Booking 3 days before the event
🔅Have COD or self-pick up around Parit Raja-UTHM-Pura Kencana area
🔅 RM 15

Set B
🔅Provide: - 3pcs polaroid - Chocolate choices (according to your budget) : 
a) Kitkat or
b) Ferrero Rocher or
c) Big Hershey's + Small Hershey's .
🔅Booking 3 days before the event
🔅COD or self-pick up around Parit Raja-UTHM-Pura Kencana area
🔅 RM 45

Set C
🔅Provide: - 5pcs polaroid - Chocolate choices: 
a) KitKat or
b) Ferrero Rocher or
c) Big Hershey's + small Hershey's.
🔅Booking 3 days before the event
🔅 COD or self-pick up around Parit Raja-UTHM-Pura Kencana area
🔅 RM 65

To keep our flower bouquet in a good condition, we only serve COD and not postage. It is because the condition of the flower bouquet might be worse if we decided to do a postage. But, we do provide postage for our Polaroid.

We use high glossing paper with high-quality colour for print. The price is RM 0.70 for 1 pcs. But, the minimum order for Polaroid is 9 pcs. The opening promotion end on 7th October 2018. You may Personal Message us for the details of the promotion.

Size for our Polaroid is 5.4 cm x 8.6 cm.

My partner posing with newly designed flower bouquet for set A

One of our customer purchase flower bouquet Set A 

Good news! For every purchase, you will receive out Thank You sticker which I designed it by myself. Much more to come! So, what are you waiting for? the convocation ceremony is coming near soon. Grab the chance to choose the best present for your loved one. Don't forget to follow our Instagram account!

See ya!

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In Artwork University

University: Karnival Gegar Fkaas 3.0

Assalamualaikum and welcome to Jellove!

On 18th and 19th of September 2018, I was involved in my faculty's program, Karnival Gegar Fkaas 3.0. So, my hectic days started 3 weeks before the event started. Because of myself in the organization called Persatuan Pelajar Awam (PPA) for Department of Multimedia and Publicity, I was responsible for designing posters and some other multimedia kinds of stuff such as promoting the event and also in charge in taking pictures during the event happening.

I really love my department. Although it is hard, but I had fun. It is because it is my first time to get to do what I really like, and I get to hone my skills. I also learned a lot from my seniors who patiently guide me from the scratch, and I feel so blessed. I love the aesthetic feeling when I get to do what I really like. I hope that I can go to another level and skills later.  

To be honest, I feel discouraged whenever my posters keep being rejected. Who doesn't feel that way right? I keep redesign/edit my posters due to demand from so many people. But still, I need to be creative for my posters and it is hard to do so under pressure. I have stayed for the whole day in front of my computer just to get an idea to do the logo. A very simple one and it was rejected. Haha!

So, this is the main poster for the event after so many changes, critiques, blood, sweat and tears. Hahaha! From what you can see from the poster, there are so many posters and I need to do the poster for each activity. The hectic days was over and now I am back to my normal self without nonsense text messages, talks and actions due to lack of sleep. Yes, I become very spaced out and not in my right mind whenever I lack sleeping. It is one of the side effects of lack of sleep.  I'm gonna show you some of the posters, and I will not share all of the posters because my article gonna be super long.

Poster for Ceramah Kesihatan.

Poster for Fuyoo Fkaas 2.0

An event for the kindergarten kids. They are super cute and adorable!

Tag for the facilitators of the programme.

I'm gonna show you some of my rejected posters. Well, I am not ashamed of it because I did well. #selfpraise

My first rejected the main poster. Hahaha... To be honest, I did not do well because of the choice of colour. It seems gloomy. Well, I find hard for the choice of colour for graphic design.

Rejected main logo. 👀

Rejected the main poster because I followed almost the same with the previous poster for the event due to miscommunication. 😅

I may be lacking in some parts but I still improving. I am far from being an expert because I am not professionally learning in the university. But, It is my dream to be a professional. Hahaha, wish me luck guys!

See ya!

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In civil engineering

Geology Field Trip

Assalamualaikum and Welcome to Jellove!

Last semester, 2nd-semester 2nd year, my course make a field trip to Sungai Lembing, Pahang. The trip was for 3 days and 2 night. The main purpose of this trip was to expose to student the real-life experience so that student could figure out the application of the theory that they have learned in class and could properly understand engineering geology. During the trip, we gets to learn how to use the equipment properly, especially the compass and Schmidt hammer. During the trip, we could enhance our knowledge in engineering geology while visiting several places for sightseeing as well as enhancing knowledge about the places that have been visited. 

The first stop was at Ayer Hitam, Johor for data taking and also to find the geological properties of the slope near the work area. 

 The working area at Ayer Hitam

Data taking by using the compass 

The hand was struggling to get the dip direction of the slope based on the compass. hahaha

After that, we moved to Sungai Lembing, Pahang and the trip taking the whole day. It was so exhausting because I only sleep inside the bus for the whole day. We arrived at Sungai Lembing at 5 or 6 pm, then get registered to our room and get to rest before the briefing at night. 

Sungai Lembing Museum

Next day, We went to Sungai Lembing Museum for mineral hunting activities. We just went inside the museum to find the answers from the quiz given by the lecturer. Hahaha, after get the answers, I just went to the cool place and sit under the aircond until further notice from the lecturer. It was so freaking hot that day and I couldn't stand the heat.

After that, we moved to Bukit Charas, Sungai Lembing and went inside the cave to study the rock structures, the minerals and many more. But, it was so exhausting because I need to climb the stairs. The activity was to identify the chemical Sedimentary rock formation.

I climbed to the top. wahhhh you did it Nana!

 This's how Bukit Charas looks like from the highest place in the area.

Later in the afternoon, we went to Sungai Lembing Mines. The best part of the trip I guess. I get to ride the gerabak and it was so fun. Hahaha, I back being a 13 years old Nana that day. But, that day, I was drenched with the water drops inside the mines. The perks of being a Civil Engineering student.

Geomechanics classification inside the mines.

 Working hard inside the dark.

FYI, the mines is a tourism area, so that day, we always get asked where we are from and what are we doing. Hahaha, People went into the mines only for sightseeing but we even read a book inside the mines to understand the data taking procedures.

The last day, we went to Black Stone Beach at Kuantan, Pahang for Identification on the weathering effect on Basalt rock. We just need to bring back a few rocks for the strength tests later in the lab.

Sample taking at Black Stone Beach.

For sure, we were exposed to the real-life experience of a geologist. The trip was so fun and memorable. The good thing is my programme always have field trips almost every semester. Learning Civil Engineering is fun.

See ya!

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