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Civil Engineering | Survey Camp At Kem MSN Saujana Asahan, Melaka

brown nipa hut near body of water
Assalamualaikum and welcome to Jellove!

I have been wanting to share my experiences when I went to the survey camp for a very long time ago. It was the last field trip for degree and I was super excited. The pre-requisite subject that the student needs to take before attend this survey camp is Geomatics Engineering. In my case, since I was a diploma student, I didn't have to take this subject anymore for a degree. So, my skills in surveying have rusted and need to be polished. But, since I revised by reading the notes and do some calculations.  The camp was held for 10 days, and there were 4 sessions with a different date.

//Topics and instruments that used throughout survey camp
  1. Levelling/Two-Peg Test (Staff, bubble, measuring tape and  electronic level, tripod)
  2. Traverse (tripod, prism, total station, measuring tape, nails and picket)
  3. Tachymetry (tripod, prism, total station, nails and picket)
  4. Setting Out (tripod, prism, total station, measuring tape, nails and picket)

Thank god that I don't forget to bring along my calculator, notebook, laptop, and a copy of lecture notes because I might have some difficulties if I forget to bring these. A laptop still needed although the report needs to be done by using handwriting because it was needed to process the data by using SDR Mapping and AutoCAD. 

//Other important stuff that I brought
  1. Medicine (fever, flu, pain reliever, allergy, etc)
  2. Skincare (sunblock, moisturizer, face wash, etc)
  3. Sanitary pad
  4. Mineral water and food (Instant noodles, bread, and biscuits)
  5. Iron and water boiler
  6. Shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, toothbrush and powder/liquid detergent

When I was at the survey camp, I always feel so hungry since we were working for the whole day. We ate at the dining hall and the food served as a buffet. So, you know what comes next. Always be prepared. Other than that, to save space for my bag, I brought just a few clothes and wash the clothes every day. So, I don't have so many dirty clothes at the end of the survey camp.

I choose session 4 (the last session) and it was the best. All the students were separated by a group of 5 or 6 students. It was fun although it was tiring and exhausting at the moment because I had to carry heavy instruments every day.

This was my every day's view. I was so lucky because my group was placed near the lake with the mountain view. The sunrise and sunset were so breathtaking. But, near my working area, there were no trees to keep myself away from the sunlight. It was hella hot at noon.

I was posing with the instruments which are Total Station and Prism.

The girls' squad.

My group members doing Two-Peg Test

Little that I know that this fire camp would be an obstacle to do Setting Out 😂

My friends and I

Hiking to Gunung Ledang's waterfall to do some charity work

After I went back to UTHM, I was so determined to do something related to Surveying for my Final Year Project. Dream comes true! hahaha! So this was my experience in Survey Camp. How about you? Do you have any camp for your course while studying at university?

- Nana

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Viral | Whales, Tiger And Sun Bear Seen Roaming Around In Terengganu

plants on rocky mountain under blue sky
Assalamualaikum and welcome to Jellove!

Isn't it exciting to see that suddenly these animals appear out of nowhere? Yes. You also can see it as a joke. 
"Aku dah kata ada yang main jumanji" - anon
Try to open your eyes, and see in different ways. Did you ever wonder why these animals came out from their natural habitat? did you? If you haven't, think now. Read this post. You don't need to study science or environment to see this issue. We, as greedy humans are destroying their habitat. Their habitat is in danger. We are destroying our ecosystem by building more and more shopping malls, commercial areas, and houses. Didn't we have more than enough shopping malls? Especially in the city. 

The first issue was the orcas spotted near Terengganu and also there are so many whales found dead on Iceland beach. The whales were spotted by the Petronas staff 16 July 2019. I think that maybe they are migrated to find a place which suitable temperature. This protected species sighted near Terengganu waters for the first time.

Image from Bernama

The second issue appears to be two tigers (Harimau Belang) shows up at Terengganu and have been strolling around on the road. However, the tiger appears to be tame and attacking human. The tiger might be someone's pet. According to, this is the third incidents that happen in Terengganu. The first one was in February 2016, a tiger (Harimau Belang) was found dead after involving in an accident with an MPV at Kemaman, Terengganu.  The second one was in November 2018 where a black panther was found dead after being hit by a car near Dungun, Terengganu.

Image from Twitter
Source: Twitter

The latest arising issue should be a sun bear has been caught after a week with the tiger and whales issues. stated that a sun bear appearing to be around the village feasting some coconuts, jackfruits and honey. However, according to, there are still 2 sun bears on the loose, and the captured sun bear will be released to their natural habitat soon after a health check by the veterinary.

Image from Bernama
Source: Bernama

This is not a joke. We are being blinded with money and greeds until we do not realise that we actually have been destroying our ecosystem, the animal's natural habitat and also our earth. Look at those pitiful eyes, they are screaming for help. They are hungry and lost. Although some of them are predators, but the real predator is us. The evil one is us. Stop all these fights between humans and join hands together to conserve our nature, our home, our air to breath, and our water to drink.  It is so so sad to see that we, as a human stupidly blinded with money and greeds until we lost our humanity. 

- Nana

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Blog | Drop Your Link In The Comment Section To Be In My Bloglist

person using laptop computer beside aloe vera Assalamualaikum and welcome to Jellove!

The reason why I still blogging after all these years is that reading people's stories and blog posts sometimes can make me knowledgeable.  There are so many interesting and heartfelt stories from you guys. When I was preparing to be in the university, I find information through the blog. Any tips and tricks also I can found by reading from the blog and even when I am going for a travel, I choose to find info from the blog. It is because there are so many people like to share their experiences through the blog and it is helping me a lot. Most of the writers that I found here are mature, thoughtful and kind. I also love to share my experiences and my stories here so that maybe one day, someone will find it beneficial and informative.

I don't really have enough time to randomly blog walking anymore. We will not exchange links, but if you want to share my blog into your Blogspot, why not? I want to make this segment as easy as possible for both parties. The terms and conditions are:
  1. Must have a Blogspot/WordPress/etc account
  2. The blog must be updated regularly
  3. Can be either written in English or Malay or both
  4. The blog must not mainly for business purposes only
  5. Not using any offensive words/pictures
  6. Not a blog for tutorial/DIY/etc

I think it is enough for now. So guys, what are you waiting for? please help me to spread the news and don't forget to drop your link in the comment section below. Help me so that I can go blogwalking 😇
Don't forget to tell the others to drop their link here.
-Nana 🙋

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Health | Overconsumption of Sugar Among Malaysian Can Kill

cookies with sauce
Assalamualaikum and welcome to Jellove!

In recent years, I realise that the popularity of sweet food and drinks has skyrocketed. You can find sweet food and drinks almost anywhere. There are deserts with molten chocolates and strawberry, cakes, drinks with whipped cream, Brown Sugar Bubble Milktea, ice cream, shaved ice, and many more. It is good to eat something sweet once in a while but if you eat sweet too often, it is becoming unhealthy. I think that Malaysian need to be aware and need to control their sugar intake. It is because sooner or later it will become a disease and it kills you. 

What I realise from living in Malaysia, mostly whenever I order a drink without saying 'kurang gula' they will make the beverage so sweet. Sometimes, even when I said 'kurang gula', I still got a very sweet drink. I seriously can not relate, how in the world people can have a sweet beverage without drinking plain water afterwards?

When I went to Terengganu/Kelantan years ago, I had to bring my own mineral water because I can not drink their Teh O Ais or Milo Ais. They even put the sugar on the table so that the customer will put sugar inside their own meals. I was culture-shocked! Obviously not because they are from Kelantan or Terengganu but because of their sugar intake. Malaysian need to be aware that overly sugar intakes can contribute to extra calories. It is very unhealthy and it leads to so many diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and many more. 

//The amount of sugar that your body needs

The amount of sugar that your body needs to keep the blood sugar value normal is less than one teaspoon. You can read about it in details by clicking (link).

//The negative effect of sugar on your body

There are so many negative effects on your body if you are consuming a lot of sugar. The effects are it may increase your stress level. Other than that, sugar will takes important nutrients in our body. That's why a large amount of sugar intake will be harmful. Although sugar may cause so many life-threatening diseases, eating too much sugar also may cause your tooth decay. That is why it is very important to brush your teeth twice a day. Then, sugar also causes your body to age faster. It will easily produce wrinkles and your skin sagging. Then, sugar can cause life-threatening diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and gum disease.

//Smart ways to eat less sugar

Some effective tips that you can apply right away are to trying to eat sweet moderately if you can't stop immediately. If you are consuming too much sugar and suddenly stop eating sweets, it may cause you to have dizziness. You should eat more fruits and vegetables, drink plain water and avoid sugar-loaded desserts. Don't eat junk food but choose to eat the full coarse meal. When you are going to the supermarket too buy drinks or food, it is good to be aware of the sugar level in the food by reading the information section on the can. Never trust 'healthy' drinks or 'sugar-free' drinks. Eat more protein and fat.

Here are the signs of eating too much sugar:

So, if you’ve been struggling with a muffin top that won’t budge or persistent belly fat, maybe it’s time to listen in. Maybe your body is trying to tell you to quit sugar. #sugar #fat #weightloss 
source: (link)

Stop drinking too much Boba Milktea, all the drinks with the whipped creams and carbonated drink. All the trendy things might not be good for you and your health comes first. So, love yourself first before loving someone. Take good care of your own body by eating something healthy. How about you guys? do you think that you are eating too much sugar?

-Nana 🙋

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