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I Want a Short Escape From The Reality

Assalamualaikum and hey guys!

I am living well here, trying to cope with my life, completing tasks as a full time student along with all the events that I'm involved. Sometimes, I don't know why I always trying so hard to push my limits and do something that I am not familiar with. Yes, sometimes I do so many things in one time that I may collapse due to overwork. But, alhamdulillah so far I am not collapsing due to overwork. I just get fever and cold after it ends. I am so used to do hard work and whenever I get to do something so easy I feels like I am lazy and doing my work half heart which something that I really hate. Gosh! something is wrong with me.

I choose to do so many things in one time, but I always feel discourage half way and feeling like want to be someone who is irresponsible and to give up and to stop doing that. I have choices to make but I still choose the hard way. Why can't I just take an easy way, trust others, and not trying to do everything by myself? 

Studying itself becoming more more and more challenging this semester. I meet subjects that I am not good at and I feel so frustrated. I feel so stupid when I am trying to learn that. I feels like crying but my tears seem to dry out. But, I can do it.. I can do it.. I can do it.. Because I will..

Lately, I read in social media that people mocking that studying is not that hard like a working life. So, why so many student trying to suicide? For those who don't know, yes.. you think that working life is harder than studying. So do studying, it have its own pressure that no one can see. Only the student can feel it. The pressure to achieve success, to not destroying parent's expectations, to not failing, and so on. Yup.. Doesn't mean you can't see it, the pressure is not exist. For me, those who said that only see from their points of view and not to see far enough to be open minded. But, I still love studying.

Well, It must be nice to stop and go to a vacation for awhile to go and see the nature and to clear my mind. Yes, a vacation to heal myself, obviously not a vacation that spend to much money on shopping. Hahaha! It must be feel so great! Go to hike in the mountain (although I am not athletic), go to the beach and just sit to heal myself.

p/s I'm not saying that working life is easier than studying.. I've been working also and it have its own pressure.. but I disagree with people who are saying that studying is nothing compare to working, and I know that working is harder.. But, I disagree with people who condemn the student.. Everyone have their own struggles and we should be respect that :)

see ya!

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  1. I'm not disagree with you, but people who are working were once a student too so they've experienced both situation. I'm working and I was once a student who did bear the pressure of studying. I do remember the feeling of wanting to suicide whilst being a student so I'm not saying studying wasn't hard, it's just the pressure of working is harder.

    Anyway, be it a student or a working adult, everyone needs an escapism once in a while so we won't continuously being in the state of pressure. Wish you'll get your holiday soon ;)

    1. yes.. I'm not saying tht working life is easier than studying.. I've been working also and it have its own pressure.. but i disagree with people who is saying tht studying is nothing compare to working.. like mocking, seeing us, the student who is a weak human who can't cope with life.. well, i hope tht u understand wht I'm saying.. hahaha 😂

  2. I was a student and now I am working. Working life is more challenging dear. Enjoy your pain, surely worth it. Never pressure yourself.

  3. All the best! Hopefully you'll not succumb to the pressure :)

  4. Life is some thing to explore... last time I used to be working while studying... Part time student 🤗 The important things is, we to stay on the right path... and don’t forget to solat five time a day... Insya-Allah every thing will be fine...

  5. stay strong~ i wish the same thing but. Life is life tho. you can do this

  6. I think hard or not the thing we are doing is depend on how is our perspective toward it. Stay strong girl, you can do it, just don feel pressure about the things you cant understand now, just keep moving on and soon you'll realize its just that simple. Seek help if you dont understand the subject, sudah namanya 'studying', we need teacher and we cant move by our own limitation. ^^

    cheers and hey, you do need a short vacay!

    The Hundred Pages | Eyqa Zq

  7. Ah, we're in the same situation tho. I knew about the opinions about studying and working life, but as I never work before, I didn't know how does it feels by 'working is harder' because as for now my limit is still on studying. Maybe I will know about it when I go through the phase soon :') Anyway I do agree with you as for now haha

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  9. We all do need a break. Been staying here in KL for quite a while and I'm in need of vitamin SEA like pronto. I need to calm my self down from this busy city. I feel you.

  10. I don't even wanna remember my uni life coz yeah, it's hard. Happy New Year BTW. Hope this year will bring you more joy and happiness.

  11. I feel you. Been there, done that. However, working phase is the most challenging part. Welcome to the dark side! Lol. Anyway, wish you all the best in your study!