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Greetings to all! 

Wow, I seriously got no time to write something for my blog. It feels like a waste to keep this blog untouched for a very long time. As a final year student, I am dealing with a ton of assignments, projects, examinations, and my final year project. It is really exhausting and I had to deal those things with sleepless days. There was a moment where I did not sleep a wink and went to finish all my works and it was hella exhausting and I could not even speak correctly. I know it is very unhealthy and very dangerous for myself. This thought often comes out from my mind, "I am so bad with time management and planning". I couldn't agree more. It is true. I am bad with time management and planning. 

My plans were always changing last minute and from that, I end up doing my works half-heartedly which I hate the most. Although my works were satisfying, people were unimpressed with my proposal and it was very exhausting. So, I keep doing the same thing repeatedly from day by day. It is very tiring, annoying and exhausting. everything was not going so well and I keep failing. It makes me wonder, "Wow, I am really stupid"

One day, I felt too suffocated with that unhealthy lifestyle. I need to get out from here. I need to breath fresh air from somewhere nice. I need to do something that will keep my stress away. But to cope with my stress, I always drawing something. But, I don't have enough time to draw. Something came out of my mind. I decided to went to watch the sunrise near the beach. I always get to watch the beautiful sunset but rarely sunrise. 

I went to watch the sunrise at Pantai Minyak Beku, Batu Pahat with my housemate, and it turns out well. Watching sunrise along with the sound of the wave hitting the beach calming my mind and keep myself back to the neutral. I can't stop smiling that morning. It seems like the wind takes away my burden and stress, the sun rising seems like lifting my energy and will, and the wave is hitting my inner self to keep me going. Subhanallah, seeing Allah's amazing creation is so calming. 

 The beautiful sunrise although it does not come out at the sea. But I still satisfied. Next time I really should check the compass direction at the chosen area to watch either sunrise or sunset. 😂

A picture of me. I touched up the picture a bit by using Adobe Lightroom. Isn't it amazing?

A little break is also one of the ways to manage your stress properly. Go for a walk, do something you like, exercise and go hiking. It is important to keep your mind healthy and strong. All you need to do is run away for a little while, and come back to finish what you have started. We all need a me-time sometimes.

Have a blast!

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  1. for me now, i choose blog as a medium to release my stress. hehe