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Racism and Discrimination

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Greetings to all!

Disclaimer: For sure, it is not applicable for all of us, but for most of us and our society

So, the topic that I will talk about today is a bit sensitive. But, I still want to highlight the issue in this public platform so that many of you can read and started to open your eyes to the whole new world. From what I can see, our country itself is a good way to see the modern racism, discrimination, and segregation For example:
  1. Government worker only for Bumiputera
  2. The Private sector only for Chinese
  3. Hiring male workers only for the construction industry
  4. Hiring non-hijab women only

All the racial and gender discrimination is just a bad parasite nowadays and it seems so hard to get rid of it. This is a nasty and the truth that we must face and take immediate attention and action. But rather than blaming others and waiting for people to take action, why don't we started it first? Start from a small scale by not doing anything racist and discriminate the others. The most obvious thing that we face today is mostly when the fresh graduates trying to find a job. I can already feel the heat when I am trying to find a place to do my internship especially in my field of study. I am a civil engineering student where mostly they want a male student or a male worker to be on site. It is hard, and it is the truth. It feels like I am not qualified and I don't have the skills. That is why I must take an initiative to be better and I will prove to those people that I can do it and make them want to hire the minorities. πŸ’ͺ Rather than waiting for them to change, we need to work hard to prove that we are extraordinary, promising and presentable. In the end, all of them care about is the money and benefit for their company.

The door for opportunities doesn't automatically open, you must walk and open it by yourself. Try to grab the opportunity. If there are no opportunities available, create one for yourself. πŸ’₯The world has so many selfish people and you must be strong enough to push them to make a way for yourself and to change. Moreover, stop making racial comment and jokes. It may be funny for you but not for the others. I think that kind of jokes are making you look stupid and a loser.  πŸ’’

In the end, stereotypes are just stereotypes. πŸ’ The race is like our body, it cannot be ignored and we can embrace it. But, race alone doesn't reveal everything about a person. It is their attitude, heart and mind is all matter. Love people just the way they are and not because of their race. Educate yourself with morals and if you are lost, the only solution is to back from the start and look the basic and your main purpose of life. πŸ’‹ May all of us can stop being so racist and discriminate against the others. Have a good day everyone!

- Nana

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  1. Amiin, yeah also the discrimination of women in working place lead to so much depression issues in this era. May we all have Allah Guardian and strive to be the better person. :)

    The Hundred Pages | Eyqa Zq

    1. insyaAllah amin, may all of us protected with His blessings

  2. Indeed. A long journey starts with the first small step. Tho we might feel like our role is small and insignificant, in reality it is not! The change for better starts from us. =)

  3. oof! i'm so in love with this post. strong and bold. i used to feel sort of excited when i got to know or make acquaintance with other race friends. i know it was somehow awkward due to the culture but just simply randomly chatting was enough to make me feel good lol.