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Health | Overconsumption of Sugar Among Malaysian Can Kill

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Assalamualaikum and welcome to Jellove!

In recent years, I realize that the popularity of sweet food and drinks has skyrocketed. You can find sweet food and drinks almost anywhere. There are deserts with molten chocolates and strawberry, cakes, drinks with whipped cream, Brown Sugar Bubble Milktea, ice cream, shaved ice, and many more. It is good to eat something sweet once in a while but if you eat sweet too often, it is becoming unhealthy. I think that Malaysian need to be aware and need to control their sugar intake. It is because sooner or later it will become a disease and it kills you. 

What I realize from living in Malaysia, mostly whenever I order a drink without saying 'kurang gula' they will make the beverage so sweet. Sometimes, even when I said 'kurang gula', I still got a very sweet drink. I seriously can not relate, how in the world people can have a sweet beverage without drinking plain water afterward?

When I went to a restaurant, I had to bring my own mineral water because I can not drink their Teh O Ais or Milo Ais. They even put the sugar on the table so that the customer will put sugar inside their own meals. I was culture-shocked! Obviously not because they are from Kelantan or Terengganu but because of their sugar intake. Malaysian need to be aware that overly sugar intakes can contribute to extra calories. It is very unhealthy and it leads to so many diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and many more. 

//The amount of sugar that your body needs

The amount of sugar that your body needs to keep the blood sugar value normal is less than one teaspoon. You can read about it in detail by clicking (link).

//The negative effect of sugar on your body

There are so many negative effects on your body if you are consuming a lot of sugar. The effects are it may increase your stress level. Other than that, sugar will takes important nutrients in our body. That's why a large amount of sugar intake will be harmful. Although sugar may cause so many life-threatening diseases, eating too much sugar also may cause your tooth decay. That is why it is very important to brush your teeth twice a day. Then, sugar also causes your body to age faster. It will easily produce wrinkles and your skin sagging. Then, sugar can cause life-threatening diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and gum disease.

//Smart ways to eat less sugar

Some effective tips that you can apply right away are to trying to eat sweet moderately if you can't stop immediately. If you are consuming too much sugar and suddenly stop eating sweets, it may cause you to have dizziness. You should eat more fruits and vegetables, drink plain water and avoid sugar-loaded desserts. Don't eat junk food but choose to eat the full coarse meal. When you are going to the supermarket to buy drinks or food, it is good to be aware of the sugar level in the food by reading the information section on the can. Never trust 'healthy' drinks or 'sugar-free' drinks. Eat more protein and fat.

Here are the signs of eating too much sugar:

So, if you’ve been struggling with a muffin top that won’t budge or persistent belly fat, maybe it’s time to listen in. Maybe your body is trying to tell you to quit sugar. #sugar #fat #weightloss 
source: (link)

Stop drinking too much Boba Milktea, all the drinks with the whipped creams and carbonated drink. All the trendy things might not be good for you and your health comes first. So, love yourself first before loving someone. Take good care of your own body by eating something healthy. How about you guys? do you think that you are eating too much sugar?

-Nana 🙋

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  1. Banyak lemak terkumpul ni. Kena avoid sugar xD Nice sharing tho~

    1. hehehe kena betul2 kurangkan gula kan, untuk kesihatan diri sendiri juga

  2. I share the same experience as well! I used to order iced milo drinks whenever I eat out and would request for less sugar. But honestly, sometimes I feel like there isn't any difference in the sweetness. I cut down on sugary drinks altogether and got my normal weight back. Hahahah Nowadays, I make my own milo drink at home where I can control what goes in.

    1. yes, since we don't really sugary drinks, we find it is hard to even swallow it. nothing can beat when you make your own drink at home. hehe