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Sharing my drawings again?
09 Julai 2018 | 20 love notes

Assalamualaikum and hello readers!

Welcome to my blog! I haven't blog for a while. I just don't have much free time to blog often and also commitments towards my studies and many more! Furthermore, I also don't have any topic to blog other than keep posting my artworks. Yup, if you read my previous posts, I keep sharing my drawings rather than posting any interesting topics for my blog. Well, hoping that one day I have so many interesting topics to share and can blog often. Maybe? I hope so. 

My last post was on December 10th  2017!😱 Haven't post anything almost a year, and today, when I am writing this post, it is July 10th 2018. To get new feels, I changed my blog's background, my intro, and links to my social media accounts. So! you can contact me through my Instagram account or through I will try to answer everything you ask and maybe requests. Actually, I want to change my blog's template but I already forgot about javascript. FYI, I edit my blog using Classic Template where I can costume made my blog's template. I actually already hate seeing my blog being too pinkish. I am so sorry for those who feel uncomfortable with my too-pinkish-blog. But, I think my blog is quite simple with minimum widgets, colours and some other fancy kinds of stuff that I actually forget what it is called. (self-proud). I want to change the theme colour later. Only if I got enough time to do so. 😅 Actually, it is not I got enough time or not. It is just my will. am I right?

Enough with the babbles, I will share some of my drawings which I draw this year.

This is Malacca Palace. I guess? I just searched some old palace in Malaysia to draw. It is because I love to see Malaysia's old architecture. It is so unique and has its own feels. From what I have learned in this semester, an old Malay's house has the best natural ventilation system which the design itself allows wind to travel throughout the house through the roof, doors, and windows. The height of the house also affecting the temperature in the house.

My friend requested me to draw his house. So, that is the result of my drawing. Hahaha

So, I hope that I can blog often and blogwalking often. It is fun to read other people's post but yeah. My laziness got me again. I want to throw away my laziness and be committed to blog often. Pray-for-nana.

See ya!

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Late Night Thoughts
10 Disember 2017 | 20 love notes

Assalamualikum and hello!

If you have a superpower, what kind of superpower did you want? Sometimes, I wish that I could hear people's thought, and sometimes I don't. By knowing people's thought, It does make you feel stupid because they may think of you differently not like how you think of them. Vice versa. Well, if I can, for sure I will pass any kind of interview with flying colours. hahaha

I really miss the good old days where everything was happy and fun. Not that I am not happy now, but I just think too much and it really affected me emotionally. But, I am recovering and I try to think positive about everything until something strikes me like a lightning. I will try to not complaining regarding everything that happens to me and also be istiqamah because when some load fall right on my shoulder and if it is hard to carry on, I will start to waver. Haha! 

There are so many plans that I want to carry but life does not let me to. I want to write, draw, travel, and to read as much as I can. Well, I often think about those things if something stressing me out. Well, when semester break, I can do everything that I want, so wait for it nana! Being a full-time student is the best thing ever! I will get semester breaks, leisure times with my friends for the whole semester, and with my family for semester break. But for sure, to be a student, it takes lots of money especially when the living expenses are high nowadays. (baru belajar belum kerja lagi. Gosh! nana!)

I just want to go back home and get my leisure sleep on my comfortable bed...

I have the end-of-semester syndrome that every last week for my semester before study week, I will get super-duper-extreme stress, pressure, problems that makes me want to run away, which is to give up. Engineering is quite hard ya know, where everything can be calculated and have its own theories and procedures and and and. I either call my mom crying and said I want to quit or crying alone in the shower or crying with my bff. Haha! A very bad habit of mine. Well, who does not feel this way, everyone does. Just think that studying also jihad, so study because of ALLAH S.W.T.. InsyaAllah, it will bring you back to the track. Life has its up and down. So, just wait patiently and everything will be okay with His blessings. 

Enough with the babbling, I don't know how I can blog in the midst of my most hectic week in this semester. My schedule for this week is so crazy with some meetings, interview, presentation, program, and submission of my assignments.  I actually want to finish my Mechanic of Materials' final report. okok! I will stop now. 

p/s draw by me.. The picture speaks thousands of words..

See ya!

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