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Entrepreneurship Festival
27 Disember 2015 | 00 love notes

Assalamualaikum and hello guys!

Study week has started. Fuh! Final exam will begin on 27th Dec 2015. Fuh! fuh! fuh! May Allah ease everything. So lets forget about my final exam for a while. For this semester, I have entrepreneurship subject which needs me to be entrepreneur for 3 days! Well, tbh, I am interested in business at all even I have done it before when I was in form 3.

So, for this project, we must sell agro 'things' to our customer. So, we have suggested many things to our lecturer but our suggestions were rejected. So, we came out with new idea which was by selling trees and some ice cream and milk. So, from that, our ideas were accepted. After that, we proceed by searching for our supplier. We tried to find supplier who could do consignment. It was because we were student, we were business girls for 3 days only. If we bought their product, it would be a great loss for us. After searching for our supplier with a great hardship, we found it! We found helpful suppliers! They gave us some tips and strategies on how to be a good business person. We felt really thankful because of their kindness.

When trying to find suppliers, a very great patient was needed. There were some people who don't want to cooperate with us at all, and they treat us badly. They make me waiting for them for an hours but gave me a bad answer, which was 'no'. Yeah. 'No'. Without any explanation and smile from their smile. Seriously, when seeing his poker face, I really wanted to slap his face. So rude! He makes me waiting for him for an hour. He did things like there was no one waiting for him. He take a bath, he eating, and cooking. He really was a bad businessman.  

So, this is us. We go through with lot of hardships together. Every one of us got our own role. For me, I was in charge for the stocks and sales. My friends, mira and I were the one who deal with our supplier for the plants. Aisa and Fiqa were dealing with suppliers for the milk and ice cream.

Both of the pictures above were our flyers. We printed out these flyers and gave it to other people. I working really hard to promote our shop. I really want our shop will be successful even for only 3 days.

So, our strategies including wearing an apron just like a florist. We bought 8 flower aprons. For me, when all of us wore that, it looks so cute, fresh and lively. It could attract people to came to our shop. We also using bell to attract people. That was for our ice cream. Our supplier suggested that, and it worked!

It was a great experience for me. Maybe, in the future, I can have some courage to do business for my second job maybe. InsyaAllah.



05 November 2015 | 10 love notes

Assalamualaikum and Hello Readers!

I don't have anything interested to share in this blog lately, so I will tell some stories about me. It happened September 2015. Another great experience for me, yeayyy.

I have joined Minggu Haluan Siswa (MHS) for the second time, but for this one, it was for the new degree student. Even thought I am a diploma student, I joined this and I learned about how to communicate with people who is older than me. Tbh, there are some degree student who are same age as me, but they call me Akak. Huhuhu, It is okay, they don't know that I am a diploma student.

So, let the pictures tell you the story!

My group member and I. 

Fiqa and I with the sore eyes. Before this picture was taken by Paan, Fiqa and I were sleeping soundly in that comfortable cinema chair. When we were awake, we saw Paan and I called him and force him to take a picture of us. Haha!

Once again, I was in Unit Modul dan Sambutan. The most tiring unit with the most members in it.

1st day of MHS. The most tiring day and I managed to get over with it. Hoorrayyy nana!

When the student get the comfortable chairs, we sat at the back of the hall. For that night, Fiqa and I could wear baju kurung, if not we must wear the MHS shirt for the whole day. In the night, we will wash the shirt and dry it and wear it again the day after. Tsk!

'Even if you are tired as hell, you must smile. If not said 'tiga', It will help you to smile'. They always said this quote to us.

Oh ya! For their orientation week, there were some celebrities came visiting them such as the reporter of ntv7, the emcee for Nasi Lemak Kopi O show, and the most popular celebrities were Fahrin Ahmad and Izzue Islam. I envy them.

 The most annoying thing to do. Not only the student hate this, but us, the facilitators who were needed to be the 'line' for this arrow were also getting irritated.

Last but not least, how is it? is it fun? hehe,


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