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Greetings everyone!

Just so you know, other than my love for writing in a blog, I also love to draw since I was a little girl. I am not a great artist, but I love to draw. Well, it is embarrassing to call me, myself as an artist. Just stick to a girl with a hobby to draw stuff. The first artwork that I sell was RM 20 and RM 10 in A4 size. 😊 It was a good deal since my artwork was not a masterpiece. 

It is not that I want this skill to be my main career. I thought that it would be impossible and I want to be a successful engineer. It has always been in my dream to be able to sell artworks to others and watching people embrace my artworks. A shameless statement from me. 😂

So, back to the topic. Where did I share my artworks? First of all, I always share my artworks in my blog. You can just click the label "artwork" and you can find my previous artworks over the years. It is one of the good platforms to share my artworks to the others. I enjoy people watching my artwork and maybe criticising my artwork so that I can be better. Because I know, it is not perfect.

Before this, I used to share my artworks in my personal Instagram account, @acenana_ (link), but I changed my mind. I don't want to mix my personal pictures with my artwork. So, I make a new Instagram account to share my artworks which is @acenana_arts (link). It was a great decision to separately share my artworks in a different Instagram account.

Here I am shamelessly asking my readers to follow my account 🙏

I linked my Instagram posts to my Facebook. So, I also share my artworks on my Facebook posts and feel blessed whenever I get compliments from my Facebook friends from time to time. Let me share one of the artworks I made for my History's teacher from my high school and he posts it on his Facebook. I feel so thankful for his compliments. I never thought that my skills deserved those compliments. Alhamdulillah. 

On the other hand, I displayed my artworks in my bedroom. It was one of my dreams to have my own artworks displayed on the wall in my bedroom. Achievement unlocked! 💞 Let's end this post with my most recent artworks to be here as a good memory. Thank you 💋

This when I tried practising painting a portrait.

The house that I draw for my teacher.

First time practising drawing a mouth.

I drew this during the MCO period. It is Masjid Beijing which located at Kelantan

Best regards,

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