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Lucid Dream
05 Mac 2014 | 00 love notes


Long time no see right? hihihi. Finally, I passed my driving test for the second time. Yes! I failed at the first time. Really regretting because both of my friends, Fara and asyraf passed the test at the first test. Shame on me...

That is not the main point for today's post. Today I want to tell you interesting facts about Lucid Dream.  Have you heard about it somewhere before? I heard about it from my friend, and I wanted to share it to you. What is this? This is the type of dream that you can make your own dream when you sleep. Okay, here is the instruction how to Lucid Dreaming.

You can try it on your own. It will be really interesting because me also do this, but only half way. My friend also tried it and it was a complete success. but, you will feel a weight on your chest, you can't move and really hear some noises, like my friend's friend she hear someone laughing, it will sounds real but just ignore it because you are just hallucinating. you can create your own dream with your own imagination, and you also can control your own dream. isn't it really sounds nice? hihihi. but, it will success after you try it after a couple of times.

try it! if you don't, you will never knew. ^^


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