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University: Karnival Gegar Fkaas 3.0

Assalamualaikum and welcome to Jellove!

On 18th and 19th of September 2018, I was involved in my faculty's program, Karnival Gegar Fkaas 3.0. So, my hectic days started 3 weeks before the event started. Because of myself in the organization called Persatuan Pelajar Awam (PPA) for Department of Multimedia and Publicity, I was responsible for designing posters and some other multimedia kinds of stuff such as promoting the event and also in charge in taking pictures during the event happening.

I really love my department. Although it is hard, but I had fun. It is because it is my first time to get to do what I really like, and I get to hone my skills. I also learned a lot from my seniors who patiently guide me from the scratch, and I feel so blessed. I love the aesthetic feeling when I get to do what I really like. I hope that I can go to another level and skills later.  

To be honest, I feel discouraged whenever my posters keep being rejected. Who doesn't feel that way right? I keep redesign/edit my posters due to demand from so many people. But still, I need to be creative for my posters and it is hard to do so under pressure. I have stayed for the whole day in front of my computer just to get an idea to do the logo. A very simple one and it was rejected. Haha!

So, this is the main poster for the event after so many changes, critiques, blood, sweat and tears. Hahaha! From what you can see from the poster, there are so many posters and I need to do the poster for each activity. The hectic days was over and now I am back to my normal self without nonsense text messages, talks and actions due to lack of sleep. Yes, I become very spaced out and not in my right mind whenever I lack sleeping. It is one of the side effects of lack of sleep.  I'm gonna show you some of the posters, and I will not share all of the posters because my article gonna be super long.

Poster for Ceramah Kesihatan.

Poster for Fuyoo Fkaas 2.0

An event for the kindergarten kids. They are super cute and adorable!

Tag for the facilitators of the programme.

I'm gonna show you some of my rejected posters. Well, I am not ashamed of it because I did well. #selfpraise

My first rejected the main poster. Hahaha... To be honest, I did not do well because of the choice of colour. It seems gloomy. Well, I find hard for the choice of colour for graphic design.

Rejected main logo. 👀

Rejected the main poster because I followed almost the same with the previous poster for the event due to miscommunication. 😅

I may be lacking in some parts but I still improving. I am far from being an expert because I am not professionally learning in the university. But, It is my dream to be a professional. Hahaha, wish me luck guys!

See ya!

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