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New Semester

Assalamualaikum and Welcome to Jellove!

New semester started and I already busy 2 weeks before the semester started because of the upcoming programmes. Hahaha I am laughing but not really laughing. Probably, that is why I haven't blogwalking and post any entry. I don't even have enough time to eat nor sleep. Yes, it is that bad. My posters keep being rejected and when the design gets approved, the venue, time, etc keep changing and that is why I keep working enough to get back pain and stiff neck. I am dreaming of going to the spa and get a full body massage. That would be so great!

The worst case is when Wifi at my rented house at uni get terminated. I almost being homeless because struggling to find places with Wifi in my uni just to email my posters and to find materials for my posters. I go everywhere with my laptop and started making posters whenever I had time to spare. Luckily, The wifi working and it is a good news for me. But the thing is when in a meeting, they said that I always late email my posters. Well, they are trying to test my patience. My patience is like on the edge of the cliff. It will fall with the wind. I think only graphic designers could feel what I feel right now. 

Lately, there are so many bad things happen around my friends and I, and it may be so unbearable. May Allah SWT grant us His blessings, and may he protect each one of us. InsyaAllah. Let's pray together for a blessing life. I hope that we can go through the hardships and struggles with a great patience and having each other without any depression or anxiety. I don't want those to come back to me.

see ya!

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  1. i hope you'll keep stay strong. life is never be as simple as we thought :) studying might be the hardest thing for now but trust me, you'll all these moments when you're working soon

    1. i also think that I will miss these moments later.. yes.. it is hard :')