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Boss and Leader. Which one is better?
15 Mac 2015 | 00 love notes

Assalamualaikum and hello,

Hmm, sebenarnya aku tak sempat nak update blog bagai ni, tapi tetap nak update sebab I have something interesting to share. Takde lah interesting mana, but it is worth as something to read.

Boss vs Leader? hmm, Boss ni pada aku lah lebih kepada orang yang mengarah je tapi takde buat apa-apa usaha pun. Yang lain salah buat, dia marah tapi dia tak membantu. Leader pula lebih kepada membantu dan they lead the way. They guide orang untuk buat sesuatu dan bantu. Which one is better? For me, it's leader for sure. Being a boss will not solving any problems and there are also someone who should be a leader but they're being so bossy. Someone like them should not be a leader because being a leader they must guide and lead other people, not being so bossy about everything. Suruh orang buat macam-macam tapi diri sendiri tak buat apa. Dia cuma akan amik credit dari apa yang orang buat. Yes, it's a very bad thing to do.

Tapi, jadi leader ni pula kan, kalau kita baik sangat, berlembut sangat orang pijak kepala kita pula kan? Well, people. biasalah tu. Kalau berlembut sangat nanti kita pula yang buat kerja yang banyak, yang lain naik tanduk semuanya. Jadi tegas tapi tak bersifat macam boss. Kira macam kalau kita jadi leader ni, we must do everything fair and square, so everything will be fine. I guarantee.

From what I see so far, not everyone can be a good leader. I also not a good leader. I make mistakes a lot, and for sure I have experienced something bad that makes me wants to be a good leader in the future, and I don't want to be a soft-heart-leader anymore. Those experiences makes me more mature from day to day, makes me want to be fair to everyone in my group and also it makes me don't want to be a leader anymore. But people said 'once you be a leader, you always a leader'. I agree with that statement. But, I don't like it because sometimes be a leader can be a burden to myself. Kita kena guide orang biar semua akan okay je, takde masalah, perfect je. But, nobody is perfect right?

Last but not least, you can choose what you want to be. A leader or a boss, and make sure you never do something half-heart. Always work hard no matter what you do even when you don't feel like you want to do it. Always work hard so that you will achieve something great. So, your hard work will paid off.

Tu je lah kot apa yang aku nak share. Esok ada kelas, Technical Communication 2 (English). Maybe I will have some simple presentation to do tomorrow about my group's imaginary company. Hehehe,

The picture above is my group's company logo. Hehehe, I made it by using photoshop. Idk how to do some formal and not cute things. So, this is my style. I love cute things. What can I do right? Farewell guys!


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