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Drawings: Inspiration from Dramas and Movies
11 Ogos 2015 | 00 love notes

Assalamualaikum and Hello readers!

Just now, mama make ketupat for the upcoming marhaban at my house. She put all of the ketupat in the house, at the living room. Adik went out from my room and he went to me and said "Kaklong, tengok tu".

And I was shocked! Nano was lying in that big buckets that contains ketupat. She was lying comfortably while cleaning her fur. OMG! I must tell mama tomorrow. HUHUHU, naughty cat!

Ya! My story doesnt suit with my title. So, I am back to the right track. I want to show you my latest drawings. So, the highlight is Doctor Stranger for sure. I really love that drama! Really love it! Extremely LOVE this drama! I really love the lead actors/actress (Lee Jong Suk, Jin Se Yon, Park Hae Jin and Kang So Ra). Tbh, I really love to watch medical dramas. Other than learning Biology when I was in highschool, I gain something about medical while watching Medical Dramas. For example, about psychology. WOW! I really love this kind of things and I do a lot of research about psychology. So, I do know somethings that my friend don't know. Well, of course. We're engineering student and most of us don't have any interest about medical. It is completely opposite from engineering.

I draw Park Hoon a.k.a Lee Jong Suk from the drama, Doctor Stranger.

For this drawing, I draw Jack Frost from The Rise Of The Guardian.

So, in my opinion, Watching dramas/movies are not bad at all as long as you make a good use from it.


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