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Favorite: List Of Medical Dramas/Movies

Assalamualaikum and hello readers!

Next week I will going back to UTHM, getting ready for the new degree student's orientation week. We called it as MHS (Minggu Haluan Siswa). For the last MHS (click this to read my previous entry), which was for the diploma intake, most of my friends did not pass the interview session and some of them don't want to apply it. Fortunately for this time, I am not alone anymore.

If you read my previous post, you will know that I am addicted to medical dramas although I am a Physics student. When I was in form 5, I am interested in Biology and Medical but when I studying Biology, there are too many things that I need to remember and some terms were so complicated and difficult to pronounce.Well, i've got a bad memory tbh. So I said "Farewell, Biology!". But, that things will not get rid of my interest in medical and biology. By watching/reading something,  can gain knowledge. So, here are my list!

1. The Flu (Movie)

For those who have watched this movie I know you will said that this movie is the best! I really love the child actress. She is so cute and adorable. This movie is about some new virus, H5N1 spreading across the Bundang. A single mother who is a doctor, Kim In Hae, a cute daughter, Mie Ru and a rescue worker and paramedic, Kang Ji Goo. This movie showed In Hae's struggles to save her daughter who was infected and Ji Goo who wanted to save Mie Ru. Many people died from the virus so they stayed at the quarantine camp. This movie showed people's greedy and selfishness on how to survive. It also showed love between a family and also pity with the infected. This movie is sad and also a bit funny. Not much but there're still some comedy elements in this movie. So, For those who haven't watch this movie, I totally recommended it!

2. Doctor Stranger (Drama)

For this drama, I really love how cheeky and spontaneous Lee Jong Suk is. Although it was a medical drama, it also have some rom-com element. For this drama, I am totally attached with the second role, Kang Sora and Park Hae Jin. I'm going crazy. hahaha~ The drama was sad in the end and at first, I could not understand the ending, but after watching it for the second time, I understand the story line. It was confusing and depressing because at first, I thought that the second role would not ended together. It was fun to watch this drama. I could see about that skilled heart surgeon in this drama. Totally recommended!

3. God's Quiz Season 1 - 4 (Drama)

There are 4 seasons for this Drama. I really love this Drama. In Season 4, they cast Donghae! Most of my friends knew that my bias is Donghae. But, I don't watch this Drama because of Donghae. This drama is about the elite doctors and a police who chasing mysterious death and to solve mysteries about some rare cases and diseases. There are some comedy element in this drama that will make you laugh but there are also some melo that will make you cry. I cried when Donghae died in the last episode for season 4. But the ending was nice and I want you to watch this Drama!

4. Doctor X Season 1 - 2 (Drama)
There are 2 seasons for this drama. Daimon Michiko is a 37-year-old surgeon and is part of a questionable ‘doctor placement service’ that has her wander from hospital to another. She holds a scrupulous compliance when it comes to her working hours, never does any unnecessary chores that don’t require a medical license, and couldn’t care less about the power struggles within the hospitals. Nobody knows how she acquired such a top-level skill that allows her to claim exorbitant sums as reward, but her private life is an even greater mystery to everyone around her. There are rumors that she once had to leave the medical world due to money problems and a medical error, but nobody knows anything for sure. I love her personality, so confident and cool. She never let people destroy herself and she believe herself more than anyone else because she know her own ability.

5. The Virus (Drama)

I can watch this drama for 100x times. There are some elements that are same with the movie: The Flu. Chief Detective Lee Myung-Hyun lead a "special infectious disease crisis response team" as they investigate a mysterious infection case where the virus has a 100% fatality rate. Lee Myung-Hyun faces the truth and fights against the power of evil. I learned biology when i was in high school so I can understand about why the carrier of the virus did not affected with the virus. The carrier spread the virus and bring harm to other people but not to himself. That's why they need the carrier to cure because the carrier have the antibody in his body and can make the vacine.

6. Yong Pal (Drama)

This Drama is still ongoing. It is the latest medical drama and I am looking forward of it. But I don't like it where the lead actor throw his pride just for money. Hmm, so basically this drama is about money. Rich people is above poor people. Without money you are nothing and you can't do anything. Tbh, it is the truth about nowadays. People becoming so crazy just because of money. This drama about an excellent surgeon who is in debt and need more money for her sister's dialysis. To make more money, he goes to see patients privately for a high fee. He doesn't care whether these patients are criminals as long as they can pay him. Tae Hyun becomes a pawn in the chief’s priority of catering to VIP patients within the hospital. But his life changes when he meets Han Yeo Jin, a chaebol heiress, who has been in a coma for three years.Tae Hyun helps Yeo Jin to wake from her sleep.

7. Deranged (Movie)
I think when you learn chemistry, you can understand what the actor said in the movie. It is because there are no explanation about what is he talking about. I only can understand what he said after awhile. Hahaha~ This movie is thrilling but I hate the fact that this movie is about some parasite worm. So f-ing disgusting. I hate something so long, shiny, sticky, no-leg and disgusting creatures. But it was fun to watch it! An epidemic of drownings, with victims jumping into the river causes panic around the country. The government declares a state of emergency. Medical supplies salesman Jae-Hyuk suspects his family is showing symptoms of the drowning victims. Through his brother, Detective Jae-Pil , Jae-Hyuk learns an antidote may be stored by at a warehouse.

8. Dr. Dolittle 1 - 3 (Movie)

I watched these movies a lot when I was a kid. A doctor who could talk to the animals. I am sure that most of you have watched these movies. It is about a doctor who love animals. For Dr. Dolittle 3, it is about his daughter who also became a doctor who could talk to the animals.

9. Kill Me, Heal Me (Drama)

This drama was so hilarious. This drama is about psychological disorder. For example, The main actor suffers from Dissosiative Personality Disorder (DID)Cha Do Hyun (Ji Sung) is a rich heir to a family company with one major problem. Due to suppressed childhood trauma, he suffers from dissociative identity disorder manifested in 7 unique personalities who are out of his control. In order to overcome this disorder in secret, he hires a first year psychiatric resident (Hwang Jung Eun) to help him heal by killing off each personality one by one. I laugh so much especially when Ahn Yoona and Perry Park came out. You must watch this!

10. It's Okay, That's Love (Drama)

Another psychological drama that I love!Fyi, Psychology is also medical.For those who addicted with the 'psychology' things like me, you will love this. I know a lot of things about psychology because I interested in it. If you watch this drama, I can guarantee that you will be fan girling over Jo In Sung. Well, I'm not watching only because of the lead actor but because of the storyline for sure. It's about Jang Jae-Yeol is a mystery writer and radio DJ. He suffers from a obsession. Ji Hae-Soo is going through her first year fellowship in psychiatry at a University Hospital. She chose psychiatry because she doesn't want to perform surgeries. After she meets Jang Jae-Yeol, her life goes through big changes. It's hilarious at first, but sad in the last episode. But don't worry, the ending was the best! This drama is the one that I love the most!

Fyi, the dramas/movies were in a random orders. I can't rate those dramas/movies. Oh ya! Last but not least, Pray for our country, Malaysia! Pray for its independence, successes and peace. InsyaAllah. Happy independence day Malaysia! 


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