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2nd semester
02 Julai 2015 | 30 love notes

Assalamualaikum and hello!

huhu, pity my blog. I have abandoned you for a long time. Since last 1st semester until this semester, the 2nd semester. People already forget about my blog. I don't even have any free time to re-designing my blog. Huhuhuhu, Still using the same design for a long time. People who came to my blog for a couple times will realized that.

Currently, I am on my final examination for my 2nd semester, and it will be over TOMORROW! My last paper will be Engineering Mathematics! After that, 2 bulan setengah cuti. yahoooo!

So, I am going to explain roughly about things that have be done by me for this semester.

Mira, Fiqa, Yana and I in a Engineering Drawing's class. Fyi, this is not my favorite subject.

Dila and I, we were shooting for our assignment, Japanese Language. It was a very difficult thing to do and we have too many bloopers. 100++ bloopers only for 1 scene. How terrible were we. I will make sure that I won't critics people's video ever again in the future. Although it was hard, but we were having fun during shooting and editing. So, the result was so great. The video was so fun to be watched although the duration was less than 10 minutes. But, it need a lot of effort.

A picture of Kakngah and I at the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale at PWTC, Melaka.

Final Project for Engineering Drawing. Betapa sakitnya jiwa nak siapkan model rumah ni. uish! We were overnight for a week just to finishing that house. It was stressing me out. It was because I was involved with new student's orientation week. So, aku kena bahagikan masa dengan seimbang dan sebaik yang mungkin walaupun penat g*la masa tu. But I was succeed! Gambar pun dah terang2 yang aku mengantuk dan penat. 

I already said before, I was involved with the new student's orientation week. Tbh, It was tiring as hell but It was fun too at the same time. I've gain a lot of knowledge that we could not get in the class. A picture of Kak Tira and I.

The new Civil Engineering student and I. My junior? hahahaha She is taller than me T.T

Unit aku! Hehehe, Modul dan Sambutan. Elelelelele~ aaaaa~ aaaaa~

Last But not least, we were celebrating Dila's birthday and watching minion although the birthday celebration was totally fail!

Thats all for today. Thank you! wasalam,

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