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My life Undecided
09 Julai 2015 | 00 love notes

Assalamualaikum and Hello guys!

It's time for a book review! yeay! yippie! Yahoo! Yay! Yay! Who love to read books? please raise your hand! Hehehe, Long ago, reading English novels was not my style at all. It was because my first language is Bahasa. So, I prefer Malay novels. I have lot of Malay novels and most of them were romance novel. Well, not really, I have started to read romance novel since I was in form 2. But then, I have stopped reading romance novel when I was 17 y/o. I prefer young adult novel, thriller, or horror novel. In my opinion, most of the plot for the romance novel (BM) is too cliche. By reading the intro or the synopsis of the book, I could predict the ending. But I am interested and in love with FIXI's novels.

So, the book that I recommended to you is My Life Undecided by Jessica Brody. This book is about a teenager who always screwed up everything. she was known as Baby Brooklyn because of her past. She could not decide anything good on her own. So, she found a good solution! She make a blog and asked to her reader about what she should do. Many people read and respond with her concerns. There are mixed emotions while reading this novel. Sometime I feel so happy, enjoying the book, mad, sad and irritated. The girl could not think anything reasonable and mature for her daily life. She always thinks that being popular and having a handsome boyfriend is everything.

By reading this book, I gained something about betraying of a friend. For example, Brooklyn's betrayed her when she was in trouble and she left her behind. When Brooklyn was not with her anymore, she could see that her former bestfriend was pretending about everything. She wants fame, popularity, and a movie-like boyfriend.

Last but not least, I totally recommend this book to all of you. It was fun to read. You can read anytime, anywhere.

I will review about my books again later in the future. I have a lot of books in my bedroom. Just wait and see. Hehehe, I have mini library in my bedroom. So, that's all for today.


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