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Eid Mubarak
04 Ogos 2015 | 00 love notes

Assalamualaikum and hello readers!

It will be so fake if I said that I have been so busy for the past month. Well, maybe 1 or 2 weeks but not all the time. I'm so lazy to updating my blog. I was totally immersed with dramas and movies. Well, I do nothing for this semester break.

So, I would like to share a few pictures for this Hari Raya.

1st Eid with my lovely family.

2nd eid, went back to kampung with my family. Met my cousins only for a few hours. huhuhu~

2nd eid. Barbeque-ing with my family at kampung. It was fun and the foods was sooooooo mouth watering.

3rd raya. We went to the beach. Pantai Teluk Chempedak. We took a lot of pictures, eating and laughing. Hehe

3rd Raya. At the same time, my schoolmates (primary and secondary) friends went beraya to our high school teachers and friends. It was disappointing because I could not make some times to meet them. I am the one who suggested that but I could not joined them. They were calling me when I was eating with my family at the restaurant. And I could not here almost everything what they have said. All of them wanted to talk. Hahaha, it was funny. They were screaming calling my name and I don't know what they have said later.

After a week, we went to sent kakngah back to her asrama. Then, we went to JB to bring atok back to home. It was fun, I was chatting with my cousin until 3 am. And I was tired for the whole day. Hahaha,

So, it still not to late to say, SELAMAT HARI RAYA MAAF ZAHIR BATIN!


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