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26 Disember 2014 | 00 love notes


Responsibility. People should have some responsibility in them. Without responsibility, you will make people around you and yourself in trouble. Yes, it is true. I agree with it over 100% because I've met some who don't have any sense of responsibility at all. It is really annoying for sure because they lead me into some problems. They want me to be the group leader or to lead them to do everything. Why? Because they don't want to be responsible because it is so troublesome. 

Because of that, I have a lot of things to do because I have to do, to think, to take almost everything by myself. I'm talking about the assignments for sure. Unluckily, I have some annoying group members who don't want to cooperate with me at all for some group assignments. All of their works were 'half-heart-work' which were will lead me to correct their parts. To correct all of their grammar, sentences, and I needed to to their work. It was same like I am the one who did it. But I did not complain at all, because I want to get flying colour results for this semester.

Okay, for english and grammar. Blergh! I also not good in English, but at least I try to improve my English. But, they always said that their English is bad, bla bla bla.. Lame excuse, okay. -,-

To complete the assignments, I could not sleep early in night, and in day I have some classes to  attended. But, the irresponsible person complained. She/he said that I wanted them to gave me the references in 1 am. Okay, I know that maybe I disturbing them. But, she/he don't do anything, and when I asked to gave that, she/he complained. How could she/he said that because she/he just need to do her/his parts and submit it to me. And my friend and I must combine all of the group members' parts, editing and even printing and binding. We don't asked them to give us the money but how could she/he said that. urgh! forget it!

Sometimes, they're selfish! Really selfish! They only want to do the easiest part. But my friend and I said 'it's okay, we will do the hardest parts'. They want to make slides, but when the report was submitted to the lecturer, they don't want to do slides because it was difficult to searching for the main points. Okay, I said 'let me do it'. There're many problems because of that person.

In my opinions, when we do something, we must finished it, we must do it with all our heart so that the results will be satisfying even you don't like it. You. Seriously. Need. To. Do. It. Like. That. Yup! Just do it like that, frickin assholes. I'm sorry.

But, it's okay. I already forgive them for sure. But, I won't team up with those irresponsible people ever again. huhuhu, I'm sorry. It's for my own good.

Besides, I also have some awesome groups for my assignments. Hehehe~ Alhamdulillah... I love it when all members gave their cooperation towards our assignments. From that, I could feel joy when completing my assignments. I'm really thankful. What I can say that you guys are the best, daebak, awesome. Two thumbs up! Hehehe, Good luck for your final!

p/s I put some pics before but the pics were missing. So, I just deleted all of them in this post, idk why but all the pics were missing.

So, in conclusion, UTHM's Students really love to wefie. Hahaha.. So, Tomorrow will be the last day for study week. Final. Wuhuhuhu~ The first examination will be on this Sunday. Goodluck to all my coursemates, my friends and to everyone. Do your best!



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