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Tekanan ohhh tekanan!
02 September 2013 | 00 love notes


Huhuhu, seriously, right now i am under pressure. Dimasa-masa trial ni kan, aku nak cerita kat kawan aku tapi aku rasa kawan aku tak akan faham punyalah.. Esok dah lah exam kimia aku boleh ber-emo pulak. Lately, my father always give me pressure. It makes me really tension and wanna to cry. And so, I cried today. He ask me about when I want to start to mohon matriks,university, IPTA and so on. So, I don't know and I said to him that I really don't know. But he told me that I should know about it. I must always alert about it, and I feel like, asdfghjkl~ URGH!!! I do some research for it, but I really don't understand at all. Although it has explanation, but the explanation makes me even more dizzy.
Ya Allah... help me... 

after I cried for an hour, I go out from my room and want to go to study.My father still there with his computer. I open the book and start to studying. And suddenly, he ask me what subject for tomorrow and I answered in low tone 'kimia..' . He said to me that why so depressed, and don't be tooo tension and again an again it touched me, and I answered in my heart 'you are the one who make me tension today', and I go to sofa and want to burst into tears again.

I don't want to cry. I go inside my room and take a nap for a few minutes. i want to calm myself. I don't want to cry again because my face will get swollen and my dad will know that I am crying..Dad, I know that you want the best for me. But please, sometimes, you need to understand to me too. I am noob okay. huhuhu!

Wish me luck for trial tomorrow. one of killer subject-chemistry.


p/s, that doodles made by me okay. ^^

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