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Drawing For My Friend, Iqa
21 September 2013 | 20 love notes


Hihihi, aku gila harini. Tetiba letak gambar sendiri. Lepas ni nanti aku update blog pasal ni. Event kat sekolah, solat hajat for SPM, PMR and STPM 's student. wait for it! ^^

Harini aku nak share pasal drawing aku. lagi, lagi, dan lagi. hihihi ^^ This drawing I make it especially for my bestfriend and classmate, Iqa for her birthday present. It is because I don't know what to buy to give to her, so I decided to give my drawing ^^ Although I know my drawing is not really awesome and It looks cheap. but I still want to give her as a present.

 This is close up version. That flower on her head.. looks weird right? It's called Zendoodle. This drawing's theme is detail art. I love detail art this day. My my love for anime and doodles never end, just add another interest. ^^
 Mouth. Okay. I satisfied with the mouth. Because all this time, whenever I tried to draw mouth like that, it fail! fail! huhuhu T.T
 My watermark. Acenana_ Lol~
 Line over here, line line over there, line, line, line, line! eh~ eh~ (Falling In Love by 2ne1 version) It takes a day to finish make this line. wahahahahaha~
 Half finish! hihihi, I want to add that doodles but then I erase it. Lazy meee~
Done! hihihi Especially for Iqa. hihihi. When I gave this drawing to her, my classmate, Hui Chi saw this and she interested. And then, she ask me to draw for her. hihi, for her... I will hui chi ^^

Another drawing, coming soon.....



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