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English Camp
30 September 2012 | 20 love notes

Assalamualaikum and hello,

Semalam baru balik dari English camp so i am really tired,that's why i don't update my blog post.I thinks this camp is the best because from this camping i have more confident to speak in english at public.Yup!

Camp ni kan best sabab indoor bukan outdoor.So,tak payah nak kotor-kotor sangat.Kalau bab mandi tu,mandi kambing je.Nak cepat,kesian budak lambat.Diorang mandi lambat,saya tunggu-tungu dan saya orang yang last.Nasib baik tak kena denda. o.o

Masa ice breaking session,kan group dah tak campur dengan kawan sekolah, so that time was really awkward and the teachers said that were really silent.Yup,I introduce myself as Attractive Aida. Haha! Miane...Perasan :D

My group is number 6 which is have 10 members, 8 girls and 2 boys. The group leader is Fariha,she introduce herself as Fairy Fariha.Her name is same with my sister.Our group name is Cherish Berry. WE ARE THE Cherish Berry! My group member, Me,Fariha,Liyana,Jasmin,Aina,Manyi,Aisyah,Izzah,Alif and Zaiz. Kawan yang sekhemah dengan saya ialah Begum,Nabila and Izzah.

Kitaorang menang buat short story. Every group had given the same 10 words and we need to continue it with our group genre.My group got 'comedy'. We just do it with the crazy idea.The story is about the girl had been chased by the crazy person and suddenly the crazy person dancing and jumping like a monkey,and the girl joined him. Finally,both of them were the crazy person.Something like that lah.

We also doing performance with choral speaking and singing.The other group was so funny.Too many thing that i want to tell about.But,I don't have much time.Got to go,bye! :D


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